6 ways to take care of your skin in hot weather

When it comes to summer or even on a very hot day. Like the scorching sun, for this reason, you can see that many women tend to turn their attention to skin care a lot. Because the weather is quite hot. The greater the risk of skin damage from sunlight easily. Therefore, in order to have beautiful, clear skin and be confident in healthy skin, no matter how harsh the weather is, here are 6 tips for summer skin care to share Newmags.

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1. Apply sunscreen every day.

even at home It’s not that the sun can’t shine in. Because in the summer, you need to focus on protecting your skin from the sun as much. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied daily. Whether that day, going out or lying in the house. But the skin must be protected from UV rays. The UV rays are the main culprits that can damage the skin to the dermis.

2. Apply moisturizer, but only lightly.

We focus on moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated and hydrated. But do not forget that in the summer Our skin will produce a lot of oil. So if you focus on the moisturizer, I found a heavy riser. because it needs moisture. It will become clogged in the pores instead. That’s why acne follows unexpectedly f95web.

3. Exfoliate skin cells for a long time

Of course, the exfoliation of the skin. Contributes to the removal of dead skin cells. It also helps to get rid of clogged pores. as well as helping to adjust the skin to be more smooth but frequent exfoliation In summer, it can make your skin more sensitive and sensitive to light. Especially if the skin is exposed to strong sunlight. It will cause the skin to darken easily. and cause acne to come up as well

4. Choose creams with antioxidants.

Antioxidant cream They all contain vitamin C or polyphenols. Which such substances have properties to help protect the pigment. Stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and also helps to reduce wrinkles on the skin very well wolowtube.

5. Nourish your lips with a lip balm with SPF 30.

Lips, it is important to focus on the matter of maintenance. Especially during this summer. Can easily darken the lips. Therefore, nourish your lips with a lip balm with SPF 30 because it will help protect against UV rays as well.

6. Drink enough clean water.

Skin care is deeply healthy. Consistently drinking plain water. But it cannot be denied that we tend to neglect drinking water. And often enjoy drinking sweet water or bubble tea instead. But drinking water frequently in the summer will help replace the loss of water in the body from sweating a lot. And drinking water also helps to retain moisture to the skin effectively as well europixhdpro.

Simple trick To nourish the skin in the summer No matter how strong the sun is, don’t be afraid. Because of choosing the right products plus changing the behavior of drinking clean water frequently It helps the girls Have beautiful, clear skin that can fight the sun.

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