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Are the Symptoms of Food Poisoning Different From Hangovers?

Are the symptoms of food poisoning different from those of a hangover? You’re probably wondering if you’ve had a recent meal, or if you’re simply feeling fatigued. When your body has ingested something that is harmful for you, your body releases chemical messengers called cytokines, alerting you to the danger. This means your body’s primary focus shifts to fighting off the infection. The result is aching muscles and a feeling of malaise.

Alcohol is a common culprit in food poisoning. The extra alcohol in the bloodstream reduces the body’s normal function, especially in parts of the brain that control vital functions. Alcohol poisoning is a common cause of death, and most victims are white men between the ages of 35 and 64. The body’s defense mechanism is to produce vomiting as a protective mechanism. But there are other, more dangerous, consequences to alcohol poisoning, such as liver failure.

Alcohol is another common cause of stomach problems and dehydration. Not only does alcohol dehydrate the body, but it also impairs the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. In addition to dehydrating the body, alcohol also impairs digestion and causes a variety of hangover symptoms. Fortunately, most of these symptoms are temporary and pass within 24 hours. In some cases, a hangover will disappear on its own, but in others, symptoms will linger and become worse.

The severity of alcohol poisoning symptoms will vary depending on how much alcohol a person consumed, and their age, weight, and metabolism. The most common hangover symptom is a throbbing headache. When consumed excessively, alcohol causes the heart to beat faster, causing the headache. So, if you think you may have an alcohol poisoning, call your doctor immediately! And, don’t drink more than two glasses of alcohol – two is the minimum. The danger of coma is too great.

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