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Changes or wrinkles with age It’s something we can’t stop, but we can take care of ourselves. Make the wrinkles that are quite obvious are gone by lifting the face to make it firm and look younger than your real age. from facelift surgery or face lift surgery Who is this method suitable for? And after the cloth cutting, are there any side effects or need to take care of yourself? This article has the answer.

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facelift It is surgery to correct sagging or wrinkles that occur with age. or face lifting cloth to solve the problem of excess fat that accumulates under the skin, such as the lower eyelid area of ​​the face, when it accumulates a lot, it will move down to the cheek groove, making the cheek groove deep sagging skin and wrinkles make the skin inelastic There are two types of surgery or surgery:

  1. Partial face lift surgery (Mini Facelift) is a cosmetic surgery and face lift in the area. Areas of sagging or wrinkled cheeks
  2. Full Facelift is a surgery to lift the forehead, cheeks, eyebrows and tighten the neck. To have a tight face without wrinkles

Who is face lift surgery suitable for?

Having a tight, wrinkle-free skin is desired by people of all genders and ages, especially those aged 40 years or more. As the age increases, the skin begins to deteriorate, causing wrinkles easily from statistics.

Facelift is a popular surgery for both women and men. It was also found that people who had face lift surgery made them look 7 years younger by about 7 years.

surgical procedures

  1. The surgery takes about 3-4 hours.

2.In surgery, the surgeon will inject local anesthesia. In the case of partial surgery that is not much Major surgery may use anesthesia or general anesthesia. at the discretion of the physician

  1. Surgery is a standard surgery. The doctor will incision in the area of ​​the ear to expand along the hairline. and the scar will be hidden along the hairline to cover

Recovery and self-care after facelift surgery

After surgery, there will be swelling on the face for about a week and the head will be wrapped around for 2 days to prevent bleeding and help the swelling to dissipate faster. The doctor will cut the stitches about 7 days after surgery and the face will return to normal in about 1 month. Taking care of yourself after the facelift surgery, the bandage must be dry. And follow the advice of the doctor. If there are any complications, see a doctor who performs surgery immediately.

face lift surgery It is considered to take care of the personality that can build self-confidence. But it can be costly. But compared to the results that make you look young. and has a firmer complexion than before. Including the results of the surgery that can last for about 5-10 years, it is considered a surgery for personality that is worthwhile. However, it should be treated by a specialist who understands the needs of customers. and have specific abilities To get a face that is lifted and looks younger than my age.

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