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How Much Will I Get For a PS4 at GameStop?

You’re selling your PlayStation 4 because it has seen better days. If you want to get the best price, GameStop will buy your PS4 for $220, more than half of its retail price. You can find a PS4 for even less on eBay, and you can get more credit by trading in your PS4 for other video games. Besides, if you want to trade-in your PS4 for a new one, you can even get another 30% of your money back.

In general, GameStop will give you more money for your PS4 than other retailers. They’ll give you a store credit worth $100. You can get even more if you have a PS4 Pro. But you need to hurry; GameStop values will go down in the coming weeks. Otherwise, you may have to wait several weeks before you can get your hands on the new PS5.

However, if you want to sell your PS4 for less than its retail price, you can try selling it on eBay or through buy/sell groups on Facebook. If you don’t want to sell it through GameStop, you can try selling it through local newspaper ads or online auction sites. But this may be too risky because you’ll get ripped off. If you’re worried about losing money, you might consider selling your PS4 to a third-party online retailer. If the used PS4 is in good condition, you can easily sell it on the internet for more money.

In addition to the standard PlayStation 4, you can also trade-in accessories, such as headsets, zapper guns, and Guitar Hero equipment, for even more money. If you’re selling your PS4 to save money, remember to remove your SIM card and remove personal information from it. This can be expensive – even for a second-hand PS4 that’s been completely tested and cleaned.

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