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How to Avoid Food Poisoning in My College Dining Hall

You may be wondering, “How can I avoid getting food poisoning in my college dining hall?” If you don’t want to risk catching a stomach bug, here are some tips. Remember that if you’re eating in a college dining hall, the quality of food is not always high. If you notice the food is subpar, don’t panic – it’s not your fault. Just remember that the cost is usually the biggest factor when it comes to the quality of the food.

When you are eating at the college dining hall, you should always check the quality of the food. If you see that the chicken isn’t cooked to the right temperature, then you’re eating undercooked chicken. Make sure to ask the manager of the dining hall what the reason was and who you can report it to. If it’s a student, you can also contact the RDS to find out if it’s safe.

If you’re going to eat a lot of food at the college, read the labels carefully. Be sure to check for allergens and other ingredients. Often, the labeling of the food isn’t accurate. For example, a vegan dish can contain traces of peanuts, and a vegetarian student with an egg allergy might have problems with that. While it’s not a health hazard, it is important to pay attention to food labels when ordering in college.

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