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How to Link My Google Home to My Bluetooth Speakers

If you own a Google Home Mini or a Google Home Max, you azar may want to use the pairing feature with your Bluetooth speakers. Pairing will route all audio from your Google Home through your Bluetooth speakers. To use this feature, you must talk to Google Home to ask it what you want. To connect, follow the steps mydailypapers below. Once the Bluetooth devices are linked, you can begin playing your music. You can also use this feature to pair other Bluetooth speakers with your Google Home.

Before you can pair your Google Home and Bluetooth headphones, you must ensure that the Bluetooth speakers are in pairing mode. You newsincs can find the pairing button on your Bluetooth speaker. Open the Google Home app. Click on the Devices section, located in the top right corner of the Home screen. Go to Settings and tap on the options labelled Bluetooth. From here, choose Default music speaker, or Pair Bluetooth speakers.

The Nest Mini can pair with a Bluetooth onethink speaker in the living room. By doing so, both devices can play the same song. Often, you must hold the Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode. Alternatively, you can download the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Once you have the app, select the Nest Mini to start the pairing process. You can pair the Google Home Mini with Bluetooth speakers of multiple brands. However, each Bluetooth output on the Google Nest Mini must have a separate active Bluetooth device.

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