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Having access to the right SIEM tools is essential when it comes to the security of your network. The good news is that you can find a number of these tools in our list. Some of these are Alienvault OSSIM, FortiSIEM, Graylog, and ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager.

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Whether you are looking to improve breach detection or you are looking for a solution to address your security monitoring and threat-hunting needs, FortiSIEM provides a comprehensive system of SIEM tools, you need to find the best list of SIEM tools you needed. This next-generation platform helps you to bridge gaps in your network operations by providing an integrated, real-time, multi-tenant solution for identifying threats and improving your business’s security posture.

FortiSIEM’s patented analytics provide a holistic view of your network and your users’ behavior. This allows you to quickly identify threats and perform root cause analysis, automating responses to incidents. The platform also provides a unified entity risk dashboard that combines data from multiple sources to calculate risk scores.

FortiSIEM has an architecture that integrates both the network operations center and the security operations center. This combination of architectures enables the collection of logs and telemetry across both IT infrastructures. This results in more accurate compliance levels and reduces the risks associated with breaches.

Another unique feature of FortiSIEM is its integration of popular threat intelligence sources. This means that you can find out which threats are targeting your company by using its user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA).

ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager

Previously known as Micro Focus ArcSight, ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager is a SIEM solution that provides real-time threat detection, analytics, compliance management, and more. It enables security operations teams to monitor, respond to, and remediate threats across the organization. It includes a scalable data collection framework and an extensive library of packaged reports.

The security information and event management (SIEM) platform offers 360 deg of layered security analytics for both internal and external events and supports a wide range of SIEM use cases. It is designed to be customizable to any environment and scales to up to 100,000 EPS. It integrates with a variety of endpoint security and digital workflow solutions. It supports hundreds of third-party connectors. It also comes with a web-based UI called ArcSight Fusion. It can be hosted on Amazon Web Services or purchased as an appliance.

Alienvault OSSIM

OSSIM is an open-source security information and event management (SIEM) tool. It was developed by AT&T Cybersecurity. OSSIM is a unified platform for gathering and analyzing security data from a wide range of sources. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License. It uses the OSSEC and Snorts software components. It can be installed as a stand-alone ISO image or a virtual appliance.

OSSIM is built using Debian as its underlying operating system. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Its interface includes graphical analysis tools for information collected from the underlying open-source software components. It uses Tcptrack for session data. It uses OpenVas for vulnerability assessment. It can also be used for traffic analysis and attack correlation.

AlienVault OSSIM provides a wide range of features, including SIEM event correlation, behavior monitoring, and intrusion detection. It includes several open-source projects, including Nagios, OSSEC, GELF, and Snort. It offers three reporting templates and continuous threat intel.

Juniper Secure Analytics

Whether you’re looking to implement a security intelligence solution for your organization or you are already using Juniper, there are several different tools that you can use to make your work easier. This article will provide you with a list of some of the most useful Juniper Secure Analytics tools that you can use.

Juniper Secure Analytics is a modern cybersecurity platform that centrally averts threats. It combines log management and network behavior anomaly detection and integrates policy monitoring and auditing. It can help you identify and prevent threats to high-value data and assets.

The JSA Series provides a comprehensive log analytics framework that is scalable, customizable, and easy to maintain. It integrates real-time event correlation with the long-term collection, storage, and compliance reporting. It can also be configured to function as a full-featured vulnerability scanner.

With a wide range of log collection capabilities, from GB to TB, the JSA Series provides you with a centralized view of your information. It also enables you to analyze security events and detect complex IT-based threats.


Originally conceived as an open-source project, Graylog has evolved into a comprehensive SIEM solution. It has a number of features and capabilities that can help organizations improve their IT operations and reduce IT costs.

Graylog provides a powerful web interface and allows for integrations with different log sources. Its search engine makes it possible to find patterns across multiple data streams. It also allows users to group messages, execute queries, and create alarms

With Graylog, security teams can get a clear picture of what is happening in their system. Graylog enables users to analyze unstructured data and machine data in real-time. It is designed to scale with the volume of information being logged in the network.

Graylog can be deployed in a single node or a cluster configuration. It can be used by a small dev team or a larger enterprise. It is easy to configure and set up. It is also flexible and adaptable.

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