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Summer Project 1: Reviving Seinfeld?

Apparently, the cast of Seinfeld wants to reunite. The show has been off and running since 1995 and has been a cult classic for almost two decades. Seinfeld has a cult following but the show itself has fallen on hard times. It’s been a while since Jerry Seinfeld appeared on television and the series’ return was a major disappointment. Seinfeld’s comeback was hammy, laboured, and bogeyed. The cast’s reunion was the closest they’ve come since his retirement. And if this wasn’t bad enough, Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus both have a very different style giniloh.

While no IP is immune to pop culture’s nostalgia, two of the greatest shows of all time managed to elude the pitfalls of a tired reboot. In Season Seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jerry Seinfeld’s actors returned as themselves to shoot a fictional new episode of the beloved sitcom. Although Seinfeld may have had a long run, its last reboot wasn’t successful, but it is an example of how far modern pop culture has come.

It’s possible that a revival of Seinfeld would be a creative move for the show. Though the series’ final season was arguably one of the most divisive television episodes in history, its ending pushed the “no hugging, no learning” diktum to an uncomfortable level. Revamping the show would be a chance to correct the record and stick the landing bet6.

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