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What Does Navigation Mean on Instagram Stories?

You may have seen the term “navigation” on Instagram stories. While it sounds ambiguous, it refers to the actions that people take on the app. It includes taps on the previous story and swipes on the next one. Instagram also tracks impressions, or the number of times a piece of content is seen. In addition, passing users can leave impressions on your stories. To find out which metrics matter most, follow these steps:

Back taps indicate that people are returning to your Instagram story. This may be due to a specific piece of content or to participate in a particular contest or event. Back taps are more common on Instagram stories than forward taps, but it is not the only way to navigate. It is essential to pay attention to the different types of content. This way, you can make your stories more interesting to your audience. It’s also important to track how often your followers click on these buttons.

In addition to tapping the navigation tab to move around on your Instagram stories, you can also use the Insights tab to view key performance indicators. You can see how many users swiped to the next story or the previous one, or even whether they exited the story. All these metrics can help you improve your content and reach your goals. However, remember that you can only manage certain types of content in a single Instagram account, so don’t worry if you’re new to the platform.

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