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What Has the BJP Done So Far in the Education Department?

What has the BJP done so far in the education department? The BJP election manifesto proclaimed a new emphasis on education. It pledged to increase the annual budgetary outlay for education to 6 percent of the GDP. But that promise has not been fulfilled. Since coming to power, the education budget of the Centre has gone down from 0.5 percent to 0.45 percent of GDP. And yet, the BJP claims to have implemented many education schemes that have benefited children in backward areas.

The BJP has a long way to go when it comes to education reforms in India. Though it is not its top priority, root and branch reforms in education are long overdue. The BJP’s focus on education reform is low, but it has introduced some salutary reforms in higher education and K-12 education. It is still unclear how these reforms will affect the quality of education and its affordability.

The BJP/NDA government has inherited a poorly performing education system. However, in the last four years, it has introduced significant reforms and innovations. It has established 20 world-class universities and institutes. It has also reformed and updated the regulatory bodies that oversee education. These efforts have made the education system more efficient and competitive. But how will the government make its way through the maze of bureaucratic regulations and unpopular policies?

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