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What Is Organized Crime?

A basic definition of organized crime is “a group that commits one or more criminal activities.” The term is sometimes used to refer to a large number of organized crimes. In fact, it includes crimes committed by gangs and other organized groups. A true organized crime group has a leader who directs and coordinates the group’s operations. There are also other elements that make up an organized crime group. Each type of crime has its own distinct characteristics.

For starters, organized crime is the practice of engaging in criminal activities to make a profit. It involves a large number of people who work together for the duration of the crime. This makes it difficult to crack down on. But it does not have to be this way. Here are some of the most common characteristics of organized crime:

While the phrase “organized crime” conjures up images of Italian mafia and La Cosa Nostra in the United States, it is different in many other countries. In Italy, for example, membership in the mafia is illegal. But in the US, being a member of an organized crime group does not require membership in the group. A person can’t be a member of a mafia if they are just hanging out with mafia members.

What does organized crime involve? In general, people learn about it through the popular media, which include television, movies, newspapers, and magazines. People might have watched the Goodfellas movie series or the Godfather series, but they may not have read books about it. And they might have watched a movie based on the 1919 world series rigging scandal. Those who haven’t watched The Sopranos may not be aware of that.

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