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What is the Best Credit Union in Portland OR?

The answer to the question, What is the best credit union in Portland OR, depends on what you need. If you are looking for the best interest rates, you should join a credit union that offers these advantages. For example, Oregonians Credit Union offers Popmoney (r) to members, so you can send money instantly. In addition, Oregonians Credit Union offers good credit card and loan rates, and they have a website filled with helpful financial planning tools and videos.

In addition, look for the CO-OP logo. This means that your credit union in Portland belongs to a nationwide network of shared branches. CO-OP credit unions pool their resources to extend their footprint nationwide. CO-OP members can use ATMs for free. These are the best choices for financial institutions in Portland, OR, and may have branches near you. If you need to use ATMs, you should choose a credit union with CO-OP logo.

Another great feature of credit unions is that they are rooted in the community. They give back in many ways, from scholarships for local students to disaster relief to historic support for Portland’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. They are also the foundation of the economy, with nearly 5000 employees last year. Moreover, most credit unions don’t charge monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance fees.

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