What Software Do You Use For Jewelry Retouching?

If you are trying to sell jewelry online, you might be wondering what software you should use for the job. While it may be a time-consuming process, it is extremely important to improve your jewelry product images if you want to be successful with your online business. To make this process easier, you can try out ClipNBrush. They provide high-quality software that enables you to edit jewelry images and remove background errors in a snap.

Another popular software for jewelry retouching is Perfect retouching, which boasts of skilled retouchers and promises to edit up to three thousand images daily. It also offers services like color enhancement, shadow editing, background removal, and clipping paths. There’s a free trial, so you can see for yourself whether it is the right tool for your needs. The company is backed by customer service, and you can even get a free trial to see how this software can improve your images.

The next software is called Actions. This software can help you fix common retouching issues in jewelry images. It also includes built-in functions for fixing a wide range of problems and adding special effects to photos. Some actions even have preset tasks for adding vintage effects, sepia tone, or bleached look. Using these actions will save you countless hours and money.

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